Jalan. Kopral Karta Atmaja. Kp. Cibungbulang Ds. Cimanggu II. Green Village Residence Blok. K No. 2 RT/RW. 011/09 Bogor Jawa Barat 16630


CV. SUKSES USAHA KARUNIA MAHA AGUNG is a company engaged in Agro Business Agro Tourism business development - plantations - agriculture - farming - fisheries - tourism - training - processing

- Great vision Presenting agro business and sharia-based agro-tourism business full of blessings throughout Indonesia
- Integrated company in the field of agro business and tourism argo from upstream to downstream
   which is global in mind
- Assisting community business programs and providing free training in the field of agro business
- Creating business breakthroughs that can be done by farmers and umkm groups
- Provide added value and improve welfare for shareholders-employees and
Corporate Culture
  Developing corporate culture personnel CV. SUKSES USAHA KARUNIA MAHA AGUNG must have character
- Working professionally
- Full of responsibility
- Honestly
- Disciplin
- Based on faith and taqwa to the omnipotent God